100's of Companies selling high quality  products its a shame that they cant promote it in the same way.

-alphie ochieng-


How we work

We do the unconventianl.

unlike other comapanies we work we dedicate our work with the goal of making your product stand out in the crowed by pulling off the unthinkable. At 22:55, we do this by promoting you brand though most treding social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Spotify, you Youtube and even Snapchat. Also with our knowlege on current trends plus your drive to project your brand through these social meida outlets. 






“So many opportunities in the didgital world is about time to take it”

-Alphonce Ochieng-


Customer per month with our clients


As you can see with our graph, our clients use our services to promote their brands, we have help to radically increase their weekly monthly customers intake by using our social media services which has made it easier for business to promote their products.