On the Go 

On the go is an application dedicated in providing you with the relevant information need for you to stay updated with your bus.


Always updated

"On the go" is able to keep you updated algorithms that cause the app to be able to have pin point precision on the bus location allowing you to have close to perfect time on how long it would take for your bus to arrive.

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Sleek design

Unlike most other bus applications, we do not settle for the minimum. We aim for providing the pinnacle design which allows for the application to set new benchmarks in mobile design.


UNiversal payment

We do not like to use basic payment methods that make people day to day living more difficult. So we provide universal payment method like Apple pay.

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Always updated

With "On The Go" we pride our selves with having an application that is able to track a bus with such precision that it is able to tell you what stop a bus is currently. Also with on The go we have design the app to always provide you with the relevant information and the appropriate moments using a our learning algorithm which collects data generated by the user and always notifies you if your bus is on time and not like other application we can send a notification that allows the users to always to be informed. 

you will never miss another bus again.

Sleek design

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Unlike most bus APPLICATIONS...

We place the user experience as first priority when designing the app. this done by us developing the ergonomic design that is able to put other bus applications to shame. we do this by Unifying our UX with the UI so well that it set bench on how our competitor application should look like.


universal payments

Unlike most bus application we do not settle for the minimum. that is why we have added support for Apple Pay, Android pay, Paypal and basic payments methods (e.g. visa, master card). By us enabling this in our application it allows the user to feel less restricted to one payment method giving the freedom to choose whatever payment method that they're comfortable. 

Stange that our competitor doesn't have this?