Affliate program 

If you are reading this, this means you are wanting to join the "Ochainzs Affiliate Program" let me explain what this means.

The "Affiliate program" works by having you the Influences promoting the "Ochainzs" brand using your large social media following. The requirements needed are...

  • An social media following of 600+ followers. 
  • posting regular (once a week) to maintain user engagement.
  • Placing the Ochainzs website home page on you Social media Bio

   In return, you will receive £1 (or that worth dependent on your country currency) for every purchase on the store. This will be tracked by you having a personal discount code of your choice in which will give you a more accurate personal payout.

The rules

  • If on Instagram users must post daily promotions on of the Ochainzs brand (this can be done through IG stories).
  • Facebook pages must post on the daily this can also be done through posts on the page (also can be done though stories).
  • On YouTube we would ask you in the middle or end of your video to promote out clothing.
  • On your post please state your post are AD's we ain't looking for a law suit. 
  • Finally be original and don't spam your users we want to keep this content feeling original and not forced. 

Glad to have part of the team.

-Alphonce Ochieng-

CEO and lead desginer of Ochainzs