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Design, Experience and Usage.

Our philosophy 



What is 22:55

Twenty Two Fifty Five is a company based in Swindon which primarily works on the development of application on IOS and Android. Our company currently consists of four  people who all have different attributes: a legal advisor, a social media expert, a graphic designer, a business expert at Twenty two fifty five.  

Twenty Two Fifty Five started up because the company members shared a dislike to many of the apps, that either have an unappealing design or felt like many of the apps lack the quality that could make them better than the rest thus, the six members of the company took actions and started up Twenty Two Fifty Five. we also dislike unloved websites whcich business release becuase they have to instead of wanting too.

ALphonce Ochieng 

- The reason why I started on the go was because, I am fed up of apps that don't fill their own potential. For instance there are hundreds of apps for buses but none of them fulfill the need of the user. This is why I created  22:55 because I wanted to end all bad application and give an experience like no other. What I bring to the company is my knowledge and expertise on the mobile and app industry and leader skills to help drive this company to success.


This start up
• Video editing
• Designing stuff

Matthew chequer  


- I am a keen to be a part of the marketing of 22 55 because as a young person myself, I am a daily bus user and I saw flaws I the system that 22 55 are looking to sort out. Having this application on the market will be the key component to improving the transport system in Swindon. This is a fresh idea in the Swindon area filling a gap in the market that needs to be filled.


  • Bass player
  • Skateboarding
  • Designing

George Russell

I decided to join the company because I was intrigued to know what a difference we could make for the people of our local and surrounding communities. I feel that in a day and age where technology is used more than ever, the concept of an application that could widely benefit people on a day to day basis is not only important, but necessary, in order to achieve the next stage towards a more efficient world. I believe wholeheartedly that as a young individual who has lived around the Swindon area for the past 16 years that I am completely qualified to be a member of a team of like-minded, diligent and passionate individuals (all with a range of fresh ideas), who want to contribute and achieve the same common goal of a more adequate transport system.


  • Martial arts
  • Languages
  • Yoga

“motivated and ready to innovate”

Matthew chequer  |  Co-Founder


Our goal

At twenty two fifty five, our goal is to create an application called "On the go" which is an travel application for public transport (basically a bus app) by the end of 2017 and develop. secondly we hope as a business to have gained enough clients through out Swindon which allows us to let us to fund our application and also start hiring people soon. At the moment this inst possible due to us not having enough funds to creates this app and resales it on time ( the aim was to create and application which is available on Android and IOS so we have set up a go fund me page which is available

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